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Company Law (Includes Companies Act, 2017)

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Company Law (Includes Companies Act, 2017)


Author: Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee and M. Ibrahim Abdullah Khan Nyazee

Publication Type: Textbook


Corporate law is a very important field and its importance is increasing with an increase in business activity. At the same time, it is considered to be a very difficult law. The complexity of this law is increasing as trade and commerce gain significance. Corporate governance and securities regulation, which are part of this subject, are now vying for recognition as independent fields of study, and in many jurisdictions this recognition was granted a long time ago. Within corporate law, company law stands out as the basic law and its understanding provides a foundation for the study of other related fields. It is essential for the student to understand some of the basic principles of company law relating to the nature of the company, legal personality, formation, the importance of its memorandum and articles, and finally listing on the stock exchange. If these principles are not thoroughly grasped, the understanding of the remaining provisions will become difficult. This book focuses on these primary principles at some length, so that the student can master them with ease, and then proceed to the remaining provisions.

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