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NEW ALSI Q&A Series - Constitutional Law 1

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NEW ALSI Q&A Series – Constitutional Law 1


Author: Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee and M. Ibrahim Abdullah Khan Nyazee

Publication Type: NEW ALSI Q&A Series

Both ALSI Question and Answer Series have been created on the basis of important university examination questions. In some books, additional questions, that have been deemed important, have also been included to facilitate learning. As compared to the old Q&A Series, this new Q&A Series has been designed in accordance with the new Law syllabus, prescribed by the HEC, which has been divided into three parts, with a separate guide for each subject. These books are not the usual “keys” or “capsules” that are sold in the market. The books in this series are accurate, comprehensive, concise, and focused on clear understanding and comprehension of the subject. As such, they may easily be taken as substitutes for text books minus too much detail. Thus, they are designed to meet the needs of those who are pressed for time.

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